Valarie J. CofieldMessage from the CEO Valarie Cofield

Welcome to our website, this new site reflects EMSDC’s new beginnings. After a period of transition, the Council is positioned to meet the challenges of an ever- changing marketplace. Challenges that require a BOLD approach to constituents services, and by constituents we mean “you” our corporate partners and our MBEs. The changes at the Council are ongoing and just like “you” we must be prepared to adjust and approach each change as an opportunity to improve. It’s a time of Bold ideas and decisions, fresh starts, and unlimited possibilities. Reflecting this new energy, we are setting Big goals, asking difficult questions, taking on new challenges and reorganizing to deliver services in the marketplace that address the evolving needs of our customers.

It is our goal to be a leader in the industry and in the MSDC network. To be that leader we are focused on rebuilding, rebranding and stretching the boundaries of our traditional services. We are working to build trust within the Council that allows us to think strategically and work collaboratively. We are restructuring the Council to reflect the businesses, industries and regions we serve, streamlining our services to meet the demands of the marketplace and clearly defining the Council’s value proposition to our stakeholders. Our value proposition means creating dynamic educational programming, preparing MBEs to successfully engage our corporate members; challenging our partners to be more transparent in their procurement spend, structuring direct and indirect spend for MBE suppliers; making the economic case for supplier diversity.

Building on the Council’s past successes we will continue to:

Focus on the current and future sourcing needs of our corporate members

Strategic certification to meet marketplace demands

Supplier Diversity Program training and implementation

Promote face-to-face opportunities between the CPOs and our MBEs through renewed focus on our Corporate Development Series

Develop industry groups that coalesce the services of MBEs to meet the needs within a specific industry

Strategically utilize our Opportunity Portal to match business opportunities with the talents, services and products of our MBEs

Leverage the diversity of industries and geographic size of the Council to develop our MBEs to pursue opportunities throughout the region

CEO Academy development sessions, one-on-one consulting services; capacity building series

MBE Executive Education scholarships

Collaborative partnerships with resource partners throughout the Council

Our annual Pitch competition

Improved content and access to information through our website.

Our business is servicing the business of you. Welcome to the Council’s next chapter, are you ready?