Welcome to our new web page to share resources to help with COVID-19.

PPE and Cleaners from RS Supply
As many across our region are looking at reopening in the age of COVID-19, EMSDC is working to connect you with businesses that are providing supplies, services and solutions that fit you needs. RS Supply, LLC has COVID-19 related supplies, including PPE and cleaners. Please visit their website at and view this flyer for more information.
EMSDC is creating an MBE2MBE Marketplace on our website to highlight the products, services or solutions of our MBEs. Please click here to view the Marketplace and request to be included.

Bank of America Providing Knowledge City eLearning Solutions
Bank of America will be awarding 1,000 one-year licenses allowing access to a wide array of eLearning solutions offered by Knowledge City. Each license will allow a company’s users entry to a dedicated Bank of America portal with more than 2,200 business development eLearning classes and online video tutorials. Apply Now.

Virtual Matchmaking Portal

Our new “Virtual Matchmaker,” connects buyers to entrepreneurs with sourcing solutions. Please click the appropriate below link and answer a few brief questions to begin the matchmaking process. An EMSDC representative will contact you with potential matches and additional instructions.

EMSDC is Open for Business

EMSDC is proactively taking COVID-19 precautions and is therefore working virtually until further notice. Please send an email or use the extensions at 215-569-1005 or 412-391-4423 to reach us.

Jan Fleishner (Certification) – or x104
Darius Hurst-Rodney (Recertification) or x115
Brittany Rivera (Accounting) – or x110
Christine Robertson (Events) or x114
Tricina Cash (Corporate Engagement) – or x106
Meg Markley (Subscription Services) – or x103
Alea Bunch – or x111
Valarie Cofield – or x111


There has been no change in the processing cycle for new and re-certification applications. Notarized affidavits are currently non-applicable, and you will need to submit within 30 days of the quarantine being lifted. We are working daily to keep things moving forward for our entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us: or

Maintaining the safety of our EMSDC network is our utmost priority. Currently, EMSDC is closely monitoring the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and its progression. In the spirit of safety, EMSDC will take extra precautions to reduce exposure of our employees and members to COVID-19 by utilizing virtual technology for meetings and working remotely as needed.

During the current health crisis, there may be concerns as to how the recertification process will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to keep MBEs well-informed, the EMSDC has produced the following answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Is EMSDC still certifying MBEs?

Yes, we are!  Please click here to get started. Questions regarding the application can be directed to

Do I have to have a site visit due to COVID-19?
The information obtained from the visit allows EMSDC the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your business operations.  At this time, the site interview will be conducted virtually, and you will be contacted by an EMSDC certification staffer when it is time for the interview.

How will my site visit be conducted?
A site visit or interview is an integral part of the MBE certification process and at this time, the visit will be conducted virtually, and you will be contacted by an EMSDC certification staffer when it is time for an interview

Will my certification be affected by COVID-19?
The certification process is ongoing, and at this time, is not affected by COVID-19.  The necessary site interview will be conducted virtually, and you will be contacted by an EMSDC certification staffer at the appropriate time.

Are there any changes to the recertification process? Are there any document requirement exceptions during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
While the overall process for recertification remains the same according to the NMSDC policy, there are some exceptions that will relax current document requirements during the pandemic. Only three documents are required for recertification: Application, Affidavit and Tax Returns.

  • If unable to get the affidavit notarized, MBEs must still sign and submit their documents.
  • If the 2019 federal tax returns are not available, the 2018 federal tax return and the signed 2019 year-end cash flow, balance sheet and profit and loss statements should be submitted.
  • A CPA letter (signed by the CPA and MBE Owner) may be submitted as an option to the financial documentation.

We’re in this together. The EMSDC MBE Services team is available to answer your questions. Stay in contact, visit our COVID-19 Information page regularly for helpful tips and valuable information, and stay safe while we weather this crisis.

With well wishes for continued health and safety,

Click here to certify or recertify

Yammer Community Group

We have created a new Microsoft Yammer page, EMSDC MBE Connects. This is a private group where EMSDC Corporate Members, MBEs, and Subscribers can connect with each other, post information, and view posts from EMSDC. Although our in-person events have been postponed, we hope to keep the EMSDC community engaged and connected through the new Yammer group and upcoming webinars.
  • Click here to log in. If you have any questions about accessing Yammer or if you did not receive your invitation to join please email Tricina Cash on our team at and she will be able to assist you.


Dear Friends and Supporters:

Everyone is feeling the effects of this COVID-19 Pandemic. We know that small businesses employ more than 50% of the US workforce, and small diverse businesses disproportionately employ women and people of color. With a collective annual revenue of $4.3 billion in 2018 alone, these companies are vital to the economic growth and wellbeing of our region. The MBEs served by EMSDC employ 16,500+ employees, 65% of which are women and people of color and wages of $1 billion. Ours is a business that thrives on networking and connections…putting people in places with opportunities. The events of the last few weeks have seen our planned activities for Spring and Summer, pushed to Q3 and Q4. This directly impacts our funding, adversely impacting our budget for this quarter and the foreseeable future.

Despite these challenges, EMSDC continues to provide the transformative programming and services to our businesses/stakeholders. We have actively pivoted to virtual programs and services. We need your support to ensure that the Council’s mission continues and that these businesses not only survive but are able to thrive.

Please use the link below to make your donation.

Thank you for your continued support!

Valarie J. Cofield