For those heading to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council – WBENC Conference later this month, check out EMSDC member and MBE-certified, Frontier Technologies, Inc. and President Reshma Moorthy.

June 19, 3:45pm-4:45pm, Detroit, MI

Don’t let corporate buyers question the integrity of their supply chain because you haven’t secured and protected your assets. If you haven’t established a cybersecurity strategy for your small business, you could be putting your buyers’ data at risk!

This workshop will prepare attendees to launch a complete cybersecurity strategy; everyone will walk away with an actionable plan they can put into place immediately, that will help them understand their environment, avoid fines for lack of compliance, protect their customers’ data, protect their buyers’ data, train their employees, and protect their own data from hackers and bad actors through social engineering or phishing attempts.

This is vital for WBEs and Corporate Members who cannot afford to allow leaky data management practices to put their supply chain and businesses at risk. Having a solid cybersecurity strategy will help align WBEs with corporate procurement requirements, and make them more competitive as suppliers, as well as avoid the risk of costly data breaches to their business in general.

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