As you may know, MBEIC stands for Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee and the MBEIC represents the certified MBEs on the Board of EMSDC. Elections were held last year and we filled 8 EMSDC Board seats with MBE representatives throughout the Council’s footprint.

We now have a vacancy for the Secretary position, and will be accepting nominations until May 4th.

Minimum Qualifications:

Should hold the title of a President or CEO of a Certified MBE and is usually a significant ethnic owner (25% or higher) of the business. A partner of a certified MBE legal partnership may also qualify. Must also be in good financial standing with the Council and other certified MBEs. Please note that the minimum qualifications can be diluted to Senior Management of a Certified MBE for this role.  

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all EMSDC MBEIC meetings are documented
  • Serve on the Finance Committee on the EMSDC board, if selected
  • Represent all the MBEs in the entire Council
  • Active contributing member on the EMSDC Board and accept the attendant Fiduciary responsibilities
  • Support the Council by providing gratis services and/or sponsorships
  • Should be willing to take on a leadership role in an Industry Group and/or other major MBEIC initiatives
  • Always act with the best interest of the entire MBE community in mind
    Understand, accept and act in the best interests of the EMSDC brand, organization and reputation
If you would like to nominate yourself or a fellow MBE for the Secretary position, please click here to complete the nomination form by May 4.
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