Join the 1% Shift Challenge – buy from the businesses listed below!

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need to support small and micro enterprises in our communities. Businesses across the region are being forced to make the hard decision between shutting down or weathering the storm. And without our support, the millions of dollars that cycle through our communities, thanks to small and micro businesses, will cease to exist.

In order for there to be a ‘new normal’ in the future, our regional economy needs the dollars that small and micro businesses redistribute in our communities, right now.

That said, EMSDC accepts SRMSDC’s 1% Challenge and we are leading the charge in the PA, southern New Jersey and Delaware area.

Here’s the call to action: EMSDC is asking you to commit at least 1% of personal and corporate spending with small and micro businesses in Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware, over the next 4 weeks.  Think Local, Spend Local…help move business forward.

Think about it. For every $50.00 spent, $33.50 will re-circulate in the local community. Now multiply that by thousands, tens of thousands, millions and suddenly, we are collectively supporting the viability of communities of small and micro enterprises. This is of particular importance to businesses owned by members of diverse communities where the businesses are subject to unconscious (and sometimes conscious) biases and are often undercapitalized. In the middle of this pandemic, the resources we redirect to these businesses will create the safety net and ensure that when we come out of this storm, these businesses are still there.

It’s takes 66 days for a new habit to become automatic, let’s get started with these first 4 weeks.

Join the 1% Shift Challenge – share it and encourage others to participate.

Click on any of the listed businesses and commit to making the #ShiftwithEMSDC! by spending with them. Let us know you made the shift by shouting out the company on social media using the #ShiftwithEMSDC and get $50 off of an EMSDC program or event (with a pricetag of $250 or more) in 2020. If you spend with any local small or micro businesses not on our list, let us know about them on social and we’ll add them on the list.

And be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and join us in encouraging the region to #ShiftwithEMSDC. 


If you are a diverse, small or microbusiness and would like to be included, please email for consideration.


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