Corporate Membership Benefits


Membership in the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council (EMSDC) enables you to leverage the knowledge of other corporate supplier management and diversity professionals. We provide educational sessions to enhance your skills, peer-to-peer mentoring to share best practices, and industry-specific benchmarking. You’ll stay abreast of common supplier metrics so that you can accurately track your performance.


If you don’t have a fully developed supplier diversity program, we can help. We have the expertise to help you get your program started. EMSDC provides assistance and support in planning your diverse supplier events and matchmakers. In addition, our Awards Galas provides the perfect venue for you to recognize your best team players in supplier management.

Connection - Access to the Nation’s Top MBEs

Access to our comprehensive online database of certified minority vendors, listed by industry. This database offers you a complete listing of the region’s MBEs, many of whom have been recognized for their quality products and services. In line with your company’s needs, EMSDC can match you with certified MBEs that are well-equipped to handle your specific area(s) of need. Our administration of NMSDC’s national MBE certification process ensures the validity of your corporate spend with bona fide ethnic minority suppliers and assures that your efforts to support local and regional minority suppliers are being realized. Annual certification verifies ownership, operations and
control of each business to ensure that our databases are accurate and up to date, and that our suppliers meet your compliance standards.


We foster relationship-building by creating networking events throughout the year which enable you to get to know the people behind the products and services you purchase. Our largest events include Conferences (R.O.A.R.), Youth Entrepreneur Scholarship Tournament, Stellar Awards Luncheon and Choice Awards Gala. In addition, our calendar is filled with great events to enhance your outreach efforts and help you meet the right people.


Active participation in the Council will highlight your company as one that is respected and socially responsible. Your commitment to the success of diverse suppliers increases wealth in diverse communities across our region, which in turn enhances the economy so that all businesses can grow.


Personalized Matchmaking

Often our corporate members are too busy to find and vet their own candidates for contracts. For this reason, EMSDC offers our corporate members personalized matchmaking services. You tell us what you need–the scope and scale of work to be done–and we seek out vet and refer appropriate candidates from our database of MBEs.
Our personal relationships with both corporations and MBEs make us uniquely qualified to find a match that works for both parties.

In Addition:

• Access to a larger pool of qualified suppliers
• Resources to help you achieve a supplier base that more closely reflects your customer demographics
• Increased opportunity for greater savings and higher quality goods and services due to increased competition
• Increased ROI from minority business development and corporate economic development efforts in the community
where you do business
• Opportunity to enhance your ethnic market sales initiatives
• Assistance in developing or improving your company’s supplier diversity programs
• Added recognition by stakeholders and the local community of your strong corporate citizenship
• Meeting the demands of your customers, and/or government compliance requirements
• Resources to make doing business with MBEs easy and simple
• MBE referrals and/or introductions.
• Access to networking opportunities.
• Assistance and support in RFP/bid distribution.
• Networking opportunities with minority businesses locally and nationwide
• Potential speaking opportunities and award recognition at EMSDC produced events
• Meets strategic objective of having your supplier base reflect your customer base
• Opportunity to open the door to new market segments
• Opportunity to provide specific business training to MBEs
• Opportunity for the Council to structure a specific Meet & Greet with your sourcing team
• Branding opportunity & recognition of our corporate members
• Identification of potential strategic partners and/or subcontractors
• Expansion of your customer base resulting in greater market share
• Maintains integrity of your supplier diversity program
• Exhibits strong corporate social responsibility as you increase your bottom line
The EMSDC exists to serve its members and certified MBEs and to advance the highest standards in supplier development. If you join the network now, you can immediately take advantage of all the benefits and services.

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